In order to schedule time in CdnStudio, please fill out this form.

Before you get started, you and all of your collaborators will need:

  1. A green/blue backdrop with adequate light.
  2. This can be a green screen, a blue wall, a blue towel, etc.
  3. A webcam (attached to a computer, at this point we don’t recommend mobile phones at this time. Mobile interface need to be created and tested.)
  4. A computer with chrome/firefox installed (we don’t recommend safari)
  5. A stable internet connection
  6. 4 total collaborators or less
  7. A way to connect with your collaborators (slack, messenger, group text)


  1. Start your studio by clicking the link in the email you received.
  2. Position your webcam so it sees only you in the background with you in the foreground.
  3. On the right side of the page, in the videofeed of yourself, double click an area of the background to select the chromakey colour. Here are some tips on achieving the best chromakey. 
  4. You should now see yourself inside the studio and your background should be replaced by the pink CdnStudio stripes.
  5. You can reset your chromakey colour at any time but double clicking in another spot.
  6. You can also replace the CdnStudio stripes with your own background by uploading an image under the video feed of yourself.
  7. Once you have your studio set-up, share the URL with members of your team.


  1. Experiment with layering by choosing who enters the studio first. The creator of the studio will always be the layer closest to the front. Then, as each participant joins they become the farther layer back.
  2. When uploading a background, you will max out at 640×480 resolution. This is for performance reasons but also to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of devices. Not all devices can do higher or wider resolutions and we have to use the lowest common denominator to make sure the frames stack correctly with similar “scale”. For an even background, we’re looking for the pink candy stripe to be even and strong throughout the entire background to ensure the best quality of video and background. The more evenly lit, with less shadows, the better.
  3. There will be a slight sound/video delay. If you can hard-wire your computer to the internet, this will decrease the delay. If you’re curious about ways you can reduce latency, click here. 
  4. If you are experienced in livestreaming, you can run CdnStudio through OBS to the livestreaming platform of your choice.


Are you having trouble accessing your studio?

  1. Are you using Chrome or Firefox? Have you updated Chrome or Firefox recently? 
  2. Do you have any other video conference software open? Try closing them. Sometimes older computers can’t run Zoom and CdnStudio at the same time. 
  3. Is your background sized at 640×480? 
  4. Try refreshing and re-entering the studio link. However, if you have the crown emoji, you are the host and should not refresh. 
  5. Try getting your teammates  to run this test and send it to us.