How to

Click the Browse… button in the Studio Control Bar and select a PNG or JPG under 2MB file on your computer. Click upload, and wait for your background to appear. It takes a few moment for CdnStudio to prepare your background and apply it in your studio session.

Background specifications

Backgrounds are automatically sized to fit into your studio.

The standard resolution is 640×480. This is for performance reasons but also to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of devices. Not all devices can do higher or wider resolutions and we have to use the lowest common denominator to make sure the frames stack correctly with similar “scale”. Anything larger will be sized to fit inside this resolution, with black bars on sides that are not within this aspect ratio.

For a solid background, we’re looking for the pink candy stripe to be even and strong throughout the entire background to ensure the best quality of video and background. The more evenly lit, with less shadows, the better.