Welcome (back) to CdnStudio!

CdnStudio is Canada’s first virtual rehearsal hall, envisioned by Sarah Garton Stanley, created with Joel Adria in 2015, and was developed with the team at SpiderWebShow Performance. In the wake of COVID-19, we are proud to relaunch CdnStudio as a rehearsal space for you to rehearse, experiment, and create with collaborators across distance.

Thank you for being a part of the current phase of CdnStudio development! Right now, we are temporarily closing bookings as we head towards FOLDA (Festival of Live Digital Art) , running from June 10-13 live on an internet near you. We hope to see you there. As a part of FOLDA’s StartUp workshop series, CdnStudio developer Joel Adria is offering a virtual workshop on CdnStudio on May 28th.  Register to learn more about CdnStudio HERE. 

Please write to us at cdnstudio@spiderwebshow.ca if you’d like to get in touch with us!

Get started right now! You will need:

A blue or green coloured wall

A computer & webcam

Chrome or Firefox with high speed internet

Get Started Today!

We would like to thank the LMDA Bly Creative Capacity Grant. CdnStudio was created using funds from the CIRA Community Investment Program